For decades I battled with food.  It was my enemy.  With great effort and will-power I managed to keep my weight yo-yoing between 9 and 11 stone.   I tried every diet.  None worked in the long term and some made me feel awful. 


I started working with Julian's but I must admit at first I was sceptical.  I had always believed that humans need animal protein.   But I read How Not to Die and Eat & Run, and watched Forks over Knives and decided to give it a try, very much seeing it as an experiment.


I gradually gave up eating animal products.  Dairy was a big challenge.  Julian taught me to see my struggles as an essential part of the change process and gave me techniques to use to win more than I lost. And losing a few is ok. I realise that now.


My relationship with food is completely changed.  I no longer think about food all the time.  I eat when I’m hungry, a lot more than I used to.  My weight hovers around 8 ½ stone.  I have more energy and my head is clearer.  The experiment has been a success and this is no longer a diet but a way of life. 

Daphne - Pembrokeshire

I tried almost every diet there is over the years. Many years. Finally I've got my weight under control. I've got much more energy (my dog gets lots more walking) and I can eat until I'm full! Thank you. 


Doreen - Cardiff

Where to start? I am sleeping better. Have renewed energy. Just all round feel better. If you sold this in a pill folks would snap your hand off. Yes, it took a bit of work to start with but the benefits are massive. Huge thanks.


David - Brighton

I just didn't believe a plant based diet would work. I was in my 80s before I even considered this approach. It seemed too good to be true. I was on statins with some quite nasty side-effects. Not now. I won't kid you - the change isn't easy. But with the tricks I learnt it is possible. And the pay backs are massive. When my wife saw how much exercise I was taking and how my mood improved she began to take an interest.  We now both eat plant-based (I cook too) and feel great for it. Thanks. 

Denis - Pembrokeshire

Julian is very well read and has offered insights and knowledge that have helped my development in a number of areas: strength training, diet, motivation, casual exercise, general development.  Indeed the principles behind much of what Julian coaches can be applied to pretty much any area of personal development.

Starting small, taking a first step, gaining momentum, being prepared to take a few steps back when adversity inevitably strikes: these are a few simple but effective strategies amongst a wealth of ideas that Julian has used to help me move forward in my personal life. It’s surprising how quickly things can improve and how that can lead to excitement to achieve and do even more. 

Next on the list for me....studying effectively, getting my flat looking how I’d like it. Julian, can you help?

Andy - Brighton