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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I was chatting to an author this week about how you get a book written. It’s a daunting prospect to go from not-book to book, while trying to juggle life and earning a living. Writing a first book doesn’t pay well; and by not well, I mean zero. You may get some money later (if you’re lucky) but you wouldn't want to bank on it. Full disclosure: this was my sister Roz Watkins. Check out her books on Amazon.

There seem to be similarities between not-book to book and not-healthy to healthy. I wondered if we could learn anything from authors? I’ve learnt some intriguing ways to bump people off already, that’s for sure: crime writers have interesting minds. But what insights into getting a huge goal achieved?

For starters there’s never enough time to write. How did Roz get around this problem? Well, whenever there was a spare few minutes, she wrote. What if it didn’t seem worth writing for just a couple of minutes? She wrote. And what if she didn’t have a great idea or wasn’t in the mood? She wrote. What if there was something good on TV? She wrote. What if, what if, what if? Wrote, wrote, wrote!

See where I’m going? Life’s busy. There will always be a million other things to do. The world’s chock full of distractions now. Getting healthy is going to take work and there’s going to be something else to do. Fact. It will feel better in the short term to sit and watch Youtube, scroll Twitter, eat junk or get lost in Facebook. All those things are designed by super-smart people to be totally addictive.

So how about we get the author mentality? A spare few minutes at lunch: walk a little. Oh look, a flight of stairs: take them. And even if we are watching TV, here comes the adverts: stand up and stretch a bit. Find an easy first step to a better diet: porridge for breakfast maybe. They’re all little steps towards the big (too big to think much about) goal of being healthy. Don't feel like doing anything? Do it anyway. You don't have to feel like doing something to begin doing it.

Writing a book is big. Getting healthy likewise. Let's concentrate on what we’ll do this next minute and let the big goal take care of itself. Have the big goal for sure; Roz had a goal to write a book. But she focused on the process rather than the outcome. That’s a fancy way of saying do what you can right now to move things forward, however small that thing might be. But how cool to have your name on a book (or two), and how cool to be moving towards a healthier, vibrant and more energetic you. Let's go do something!

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