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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

This little tale might be slander

But there’s a bit in that film, Highlander

Lambert, Connery, you must know it

Where he is immortal and so it

goes he’s left on his own as his family die

And it's upsetting and I always cry

And it’s happening now to mi dad

And it makes me sad. N mad. N glad.

Coz mi dad’s alright.

But what about those on the other side of this fight?

All his friends up in Scotland are dying

And it’s like mi dad he aint even trying

Coz he’s figured a way to eat fruit, veg n grains

And he’s active but it’s not like he trains

He’s 83 now he’s over in Wales

He hikes every day, he even sails

Well kayaks if I’ve got to be true

and he’s living in a tiny Welsh Zone of Blue

But he changed what he eats

He quit all his meats

Ditched all the cream

Do you know what I mean?

I tell him you’ve gotta say summut

If folks copied you their cholesterol would plummet

But hang on. If it’s deadly they couldn’t sell it

No! You’re missing the point, let me tell it

as it is, it’s all about coin, n making more wealth

And tough luck if what suffers is your health

And if you’re still breathing they put you on a pill

And they don’t give two shits if that’s making you ill

There’s others. There’s one called a statin

But you’d be nuts to put that in

your body. The side effects are scary

For Christ’s sake just quit meat n dairy.

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