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Opportunities - let's make lots of money

When someone says they can make you a bunch of easy money, run for the hills. They’re a rip-off merchant. In this life there are no free lunches and there is no free and easy money.

That said – here’s a way of making a pile of (relatively easy) money.

Lots of us are diligently saving by putting away money each month into a pension. It’s viewed as a shrewd investment. Then, at retirement, we generally take our saved pot of money and swap it for an annuity.

An annuity is a fancy name for a regular payment that an insurance company will pay you in return for your lump sum, until, as they like to call it, a “significant event”: that’ll be your death. They don’t come more significant.

They’re bookies with fancy names. And just like bookies, they don’t lose. Because they play the numbers. On average, they know when you’ll die, so can make sure – on average – they win.

But we’re not average. Everyone else is. We are us.

So, can we do better than optimistically hope for a longer life? Of course - we can do something about it. And can start now.

Like the card counters in Vegas who can tweak the odds in their favour, we too can adjust (quite massively, as it happens) the odds towards us. And just as Vegas hates - and often escorts into the alley to quietly dissuade from returning - card counters, the insurance companies don’t want you living past your "expected age".

Unlike in Vegas - and certainly in the foreseeable future – no one from Legal and General will come knocking and force junk food down your neck. We’re free to count cards as it were; to tweak those odds. We’ve openly figured a way to beat the house and no one can do a thing about it.

Every year past the point the insurers expected (and quietly hoped for) your death, equals profit for you and loss for them. We can extend that period by ten or perhaps twenty years. Even on State Pension numbers this is huge – £130 per week for ten or twenty years. With many people having massively more than this at stake.

In a sea of abysmal returns on investment – folks are fishing around for a quarter percent here or there – we could be missing a prize catch that’s tapping the side of the boat trying to get in.

Move to a predominantly whole food plant-based diet and include plenty of movement into your life; live longer, live more vibrantly, and down the line watch the cash roll in. The best investment you’ll ever make might be the one on the end of your fork.

As the gag goes – who wants a longer life when you get the extra years at the wrong end? That’s as maybe, but you can make those extra years better, and get paid. Free lunch, anyone?

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