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Construction Time Again

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

What’s the matter with you? Just get out of the door and help them dig! That was my wife’s motivational talk when I was umming and arhing about whether to help with the Blakers Park Tree Planting. As ever, she was right.

I wouldn't normally be queuing up for this as a fun day out: digging away in a muddy hole with a stranger. Surprisingly, I came away feeling elated, having made new friends, (bonding through mud is clearly powerful) and feeling a connection to “my trees”. What price for a little buzz of pride every time you walk around the park? Answer: an achy body, very muddy boots and about three hours.

One lesson for me is we sometimes find happiness in unexpected places; and often when we’re not looking. So, thanks to Friends of Blakers Park and Phil Allen for pushing this thing forward.

And getting to the point, when offering advice for moving any project forward, Phil said to me – “one brick at a time”. Maybe not earth shattering, but that phrase stuck. Not one day at a time. Not even one tree at a time. One brick.

What I love is one brick can be any size: a Stonehenge sized lump or the smallest Lego piece. And often that tiny bit is all we’ll do. One minute of Spanish, one press-up, one conscious breath (way harder than it sounds!), one flight of stairs instead of the lift. That’s OK. Put the brick in place, stand back and admire. It’s progress and your wall will get built; we’re just playing with time frames.

The difference between something (anything!) and nothing is infinite. It really is - do the maths.

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