What's the story...?

Can we live healthily without dieting or obsessing about weight? Is that too good to be true? Here’s the thing: many people live this way already. Not just a few genetically lucky ones. This life is available to almost all of us. Wherever you are now, you can probably live this way too. I’ll show you how.

This is a proven system of behavioral change; a reliable system that gets a predicable result. It’s based on science – not wishful thinking. My techniques have their routes in business coaching, where results are everything.  And as you get healthy the byproduct is weight loss. It’s counterintuitive; to lose weight, we don’t concentrate on weight loss.  


You won’t need to restrict what you eat or obsessively count calories. But you will need to change what you eat, how much you move and crucially, how you think. There is a healthiest way to live. The preponderance of evidence points towards a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet combined with increased bi-pedal locomotion (walking or running). That doesn’t mean totally giving up animal products and processed foods, if that’s not for you, but the further you move towards WFPB the healthier you’ll be.  

The truth is if you’re eating a typical western diet you are an addict. I was. Hooked on high sugar, high fat and high salt foods. It’s understandable. These products are designed - by highly qualified food scientists - to be as addictive as possible. Nutrition, and your wellbeing, are of no concern to big food companies. This is business, and to them it’s profits that matter.

Food companies have cunningly exploited a simple fact: that we’re humans. We have brains that have hardly changed in the last 100,000 years; brains beautifully adapted for the world of scarcity that we come from. As we evolved those who could prioritise high calorie foods were more likely to survive. That’s natural selection. And just as we selectively breed the traits we desire into dogs and horses (for example, speed), we’ve been selectively bred to crave high calorie products. You’re perfectly adapted; but unfortunately for the wrong environment.

Food companies know this all too well. And they exploit it mercilessly. By triggering our pleasure receptors with optimum combinations of sugar, oil and fat they can flood our brains with dopamine (pleasure chemicals) and lead us to overconsume. 

By any reasonable definition we are addicts, and the consequences have been predictable: ever increasing rates of obesity and chronic diseases. Our goal has to be to eliminate or drastically reduce consumption of these foods. Not overnight, but gradually. Building a solid foundation of non-addiction to live on for the rest of your life.

So how do we beat the system that wants us fat and sick? Firstly we recognise that we’re in a war. A war that is taking years (sometimes decades) of healthy years from us. But we are in control. As powerful as Big Food is, ultimately, we decide what goes in our mouths. With effort, this is a war we can win.

With behavior change strategies we’ll learn to dominate cravings. We’ll engineer our environment to make better choices the easy ones. And we’ll learn from those inevitable mistakes and develop techniques so they are less likely to be repeated. We will also master systems so we can learn from mistakes. This one strategy can super-charge your progress ensuring future slip-ups are less likely. Ultimately, we’ll look forward to the food and movement related challenges we previously feared. We’ll get tough.

Of course, you’ll crave certain foods (we all do); but those cravings can be managed. Will they ever go away? Probably not, but you will deal with them. You will not be a slave to cravings. We’re not born with the knowledge to live healthily just as we’re not born with the skills to play tennis. These are learnt skills. 

In time, once you’re free of the hyper-palatable foods the industry would love you to keep consuming, an interesting thing will happen: whole foods, close to their natural state, will taste different. Your taste receptors will have re-set. These whole foods will taste…. well, tasty. And now living and eating this way won’t be such a challenge. There will be some slip-ups of course, we’re still human. But you’ll just be the kind of person who eats healthily.

A little more about me.....


I’m an ex British Airways Captain. When I left flying I had the opportunity to explore an optimum way to live. I believe I discovered it. I corrected my own high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I helped others do the same and also lose significant amounts of weight.

To acquire the skills to help even more people I trained with the best coaches I could find: amongst others, behaviour change expert Howard Jacobson PhD at WellStart Health and Peter Bregman the renowned business coach. Peter’s techniques were a revelation. The same practices that work for business leaders moving companies forward will work for individual health clients. His no nonsense approach that is all about making progress, not getting stuck, and staying on the correct track has allowed me to be many times more effective.

Commercial flying has always been about solving problems. Getting an aircraft from A to B and dealing with whatever gets in the way: bad weather, engine problems, etc.  I now view clients’ health journeys the same way. It’s not always easy to get where you want to go, but together we will get there. It’s exciting. There’s a new, healthy life out there. Get in touch if you’d like to explore how you can reach it.